First-Aid Kits are HSA Approved!

Testimonial Jun 2020

To whom it may concern, 

I wanted to write you this pertaining to a kit that i purchased from you a few months ago. i reached out to the owner, asked to make a kit "the way he would", and put it in my pack for a rainy day. IFAK's(Individual First Aid Kit) are one of those things that should be seen and not used. I carried it in my pack as i hiked the beautiful 14'ers (14,000 foot mountains in CO), chopped down trees with Team Rubicon, and most recently it has been in my truck as a "Just in Case" event. The most real review is this: The kit worked when it was needed. in the time of distress, it had everything that the First Responders needed to possibly save a life. I came onto the scene of a gunshot victim as police were arriving on the scene. I yelled to them if they had an IFAK and they kind of looked at me funny. Rule number one of IFAK's in the military is to use the affected person's kit on them, not to use theirs. Obviously that doesn't happen in the civilian world. Gunshot victim, lower abdomen, i was able to help the responding police officer's with gauze, shears to cut away the victim's shirt, gloves to protect myself from the Blood born diseases, and a wrap to keep pressure on the lower abdomen. Did i save a life? i don't think so, but the main takeaway is that the kit works as it was designed. in today's society, that resonates with me more than anything else. after depleting supplies from my kit, i reached out to the owner to see if i could replenish. it was sitting on my doorstep in less than 3 days. customer service top notch, keep up the good work!!!

~The dumbass that runs towards the gunfire