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Bike Aid
Bike Aid

Bike Aid

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Be prepared whether you are hitting the mountain trails or commuting to work. The Bike Aid pack is packed to the gills with everything you need for minor emergencies and first aid. Featuring a tire patch kit, bleeding control, medications, and much more.

Attaches to nearly any bicycle


(2)       Pair of non-latex medical gloves
(1)       Trauma Shears
(1)       Roll of medical tape (1”x 10 yards)
(2)       Anti-septic wipe
(3)       Insect sting relief wipe
(10)     Alcohol prep pad
(10)     Adhesive bandages (5 large/5 small)
(3)       Triple antibiotic gel packets
(1)       Compressed gauze bandage
(1)       Roll gauze 4”x4yrd
(1)       Triangular Bandage
(3)       Aspirin (325mg x 2 per packet)
(3)       Ibuprofen (200mg x 2 per packet)
(2)       Acetaminophen (500mg x 2 per packet)
(1)       Acetaminophen, Aspirin, Caffeine combo tablet (x  2 per packet)
(3)       Electrolyte supplement (x  2 per packet)
(3)       Diotame (antidiarrheal/upset stomach reliever x 2 per packet)
(4)       Diphen (Benadryl 25mg)
(4)       30+SPF sunscreen packet
(3)       Hydrocortisone cream
(3)       Burn relief gel w/ lidocaine
(3)       Oral pain relief gel (Benzocaine)
(2)       4x4” Moleskin blister padding
(2)       15mL eye wash
(1)       Mylar foil emergency blanket
(1)       Emergency whistle
(1)       Tweezers
  • QuikClot Combat Gauze (+$45)
  • CrankBrothers Multitool w/ chain breaker (+$30)