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First Aid 2.0
First Aid 2.0
First Aid 2.0
First Aid 2.0
First Aid 2.0
First Aid 2.0
First Aid 2.0
First Aid 2.0
First Aid 2.0

First Aid 2.0

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Everything you need for advanced first aid treatment. Hand assembled by working Paramedics and Critical Care Nurses. Great for the home, car, international travel, backpacking adventure, boating, missions to mars, etc. Packed to the gills with wound care, medications, bleeding control, and more. Always be prepared! Safe a Life!

1 Kit Includes:
(1) MOLLE Rip-Away capable Utility Bag
(1) WAEF First Aid patch
(1) CPR Face shield
(6) Pair of non-latex medical gloves
(1) Hand 1oz sanitizer
(1) LED Flashlight w/ strobe feature
(1) Seatbelt cutter/glass breaker combo tool
(1) Titanium trauma shears
(1) 5.5" Stainless steel hemostat (for fishing hook removal)
(1) Emergency whistle
Trauma/Wound Care
(1) Tourniquet w/ sharpie
(1) Emergency Modular Bandage (Israeli style)
(1) Roll of medical tape (1”x 10 yards)
(10) Adhesive bandage (Band-Aid style: Small & Large)
(3) Triple antibiotic gel packet
(1) Roll gauze (4”x4.1yrd)
(4) 4x4” sterile gauze pad
(1) 8x10" Abdominal gauze pad
(1) Package of compressed gauze bandaging
(Upgrade to QuikClot Combat Gauze +$45)
(1) Triangular bandage w/ safety pins
(1) 6" Elastic bandage
(2) 4x4" Moleskin blister padding
(1) Mylar foil emergency blanket
(1) 4oz Hydrogen peroxide 3% bottle
(2) Anti-septic wipe
(10) Alcohol prep pad
(5) Aspirin (325mg)
(5) Ibuprofen (200mg x 2 per packet)
(5) Electrolyte supplement tablet packet
(5) Diotame antidiarrheal/upset stomach (x2 per packet)(4) Acetaminophen pain/fever reducer (250mg)
(4) Acetaminophen, Aspirin, Caffeine combo tablet
(4) Diphen (25mg Diphenhydramine)
(6) Hydrocortisone cream
(6) Burn cream w/ lidocaine
(6) Benzocaine (oral pain relief gel)
(2) 15ml eye wash
(6) Insect sting relief pad