First-Aid Kits are HSA Approved!

Advanced EMT Kit
Advanced EMT Kit
Advanced EMT Kit
Advanced EMT Kit
Advanced EMT Kit
Advanced EMT Kit
Advanced EMT Kit
Advanced EMT Kit

Advanced EMT Kit

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This Advanced EMT Kit is packed with everything needed for regular EMS, adventure, or preparedness use. Utilizing the 1525 Pelican Air case for a 40% reduction in weight, without sacrificing durability. Just add your department’s specific Rx and IV sets and you are good to go. Recommended for EMT-B, EMT-I, EMT-P use. (All electronics include batteries)


(1) 1525 Pelican Air Case
(1) Industrial grade peg board “fast grab” lid organizer
(1) Medication organizer box
Trauma/Wound Care
(2) NAR CAT 7 GEN Tourniquets (NAEMT TCCC approved)
(1) Surgical tape 1”x4yrd
(1) Cloth Medical Tape 2"x4rd
(5) Knuckle Bandaid
(5) Bandaid 1x3"
(10) Bandaid 2x4"
(6) Burn cream w/ lidocaine
(20) Alcohol prep pad
(4) Anti-septic pad
(3) Roll gauze 4”x4yrd
(6) 4x4” gauze
(2) Abdominal gauze pad 8x10"
(2) 6” Elastic bandage
(2) 4” Emergency compression bandage (Israeli Bandage)
(1) Hydrogen peroxide Bottle 4oz
(2) Compressed gauze Upgrade to QuikClot Combat Gauze (+$45)
(2) Emergency blanket
(6) Triple antibiotic packet
(2) Triangular bandage
Injury Care
(1) Reusable roll splint
(4) 15mL Eye Wash
(10) Electrolyte tablet packet
(10) Diotame tablet packet
(10) Ibuprofen 200mg tablet packet
(10) Aspirin 325mg tablet packet
(8) Non-Aspirin 250mg Tylenol packet
(8) Diphenhydramine 25mg tablet packet
(2) Oral glucose powder
(6) Oral pain relief gel (Benzocaine)
(6) Hydrocortisone
(6) Insect sting relief pad
(4) 30+SPF sunscreen packet
(2) CPR Shield
(1) NAR cyclone pocket BVM w/ oxygen reservoir bag
(1) Oropharyngeal airway kit
(1) 24F Nasopharyngeal airway w/ lubricant
(1) 26F Nasopharyngeal airway w/ lubricant
(1) 28F Nasopharyngeal airway w/ lubricant
(1) 30F Nasopharyngeal airway w/ lubricant
Diagnostic & Equipment
(1) Trauma shears
(1) Glucometer w/ 50 test strips & lancets 
(1) Pulse Oximeter w/ plethysmography
(1) Large adult blood pressure cuff
(1) 3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope, Black Tube, 28”
(1) Window punch/seat belt cutter combination tool
(1) Flashlight
(1) Bic Lighter
(1) 2”x3yrd Gorilla Tape
(1) Sharpie marker
(12) Large non-latex nitrile exam gloves
(2) Emergency whistles