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Road Trip 1.0
Road Trip 1.0
Road Trip 1.0
Road Trip 1.0

Road Trip 1.0

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This small first aid kit has it all! Packed to the zippers with all the essentials for road travel. Perfect for those long cross country road trips, the soccer mom mini-van loaded with kids, or the Lyft & Uber driver picking up those late night bar calls (two heavy duty vomit bags included). Complete with medications, accident escape tool, CPR shield, blister care, and more!


(1) First Aid bag
(1) Glass breaker/seatbelt cutter combo tool
(6) Non-latex medical gloves
(1) Hand sanitizer (1oz)
(10) Alcohol prep pad
(2) Anti-spetic wipe
(1) CPR Mask
(1) Emergency whistle
(1) Tweezers
(1) Sharpie marker 
(1) Roll surgical tape
(2) 1000ml tie-off vomit bag
(5) Aspirin 325mg
(5) Medi-Lyte (electrolyte replacement)
(5) Diotame (anti-diarrhea/upset stomach)
(4) Pain-off (acetaminophen, aspirin, caffeine)
(3) Triple-antibiotic ointment packet
(4) 30+SPF Sunscreen packet
(3) Insect sting relief pad
 (1) 8x10" abdominal pad
(2) 4x4" gauze pad
(2) 4"x4yrd roll gauze
(1) Emergency blanket
(5) 2x4" Bandaid
(5) knuckle bandaid
(2) 4x4" mole-skin blister care