First-Aid Kits are HSA Approved!

Simple Survival Kit
Simple Survival Kit
Simple Survival Kit
Simple Survival Kit

Simple Survival Kit

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The Simple Survival Kit was designed with a little bit of everything in mind. From first-aid to mac n' cheese, this kit is perfect for the everyday things life throws at you! Great for the college dorm, the back of the mini-van, or buried in the hiking backpack. Don't get caught unprepared!

Kit Contains:
(1) First-Aid Drybag
(1) First-Aid Guide w/ inventory
(1) Bottle of Hand Sanitizer 2oz
(3) Disposable Face Mask
(2) Pair Gloves
(1) CPR mask
(1) 4" Roll Gauze
(1) 1" Surgical tape
(4) 4x4"
(1) 3" Elastic Wrap
(1) Small Shears
(4) Triple Anti-Biotic Ointment
(4) 1x3" Adhesive Bandage
(2) Finger Tip Adhesive Bandage
(2) Knuckle Adhesive Bandage
(2) 2x4" Adhesive Bandage
(1) Pen
(1) Emergency Thermal Blanket
(4) Honey Packet
(4) Mustard Packet
(4) Sriracha Hot Sauce
(3) Aspirin x2 Packet
(2) Diphenhydramine
(3) Diotame Upset Stomach Relief x2 Packet
(2) Acetaminophen x2 Packet
(3) Ibuprofen x2 Packet
(1) Notebook
(2) Trail Mix Pack
(2) Mac N Cheese (single-serve)
(1) Sewing Kit
(1) Nail Clippers
(1) Mini ChapStick