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Wildfire Blood Stop Kit
Wildfire Blood Stop Kit

Wildfire Blood Stop Kit

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It's just what the title says. A Blood Stop Kit built for those who don't need to carry anymore unnecessary weight. At exactly 1lb, this vacuum sealed kit is the down and dirty to stop the bleeding when seconds count. Keep one foot in the black guys and gals!

(2) Pair Gloves
(1) Trauma Shears
(1) NAR CAT Gen7 Tourniquet  (Orange)
(1) 6” OLAES Modular Bandage
(2) Waterproof Tegaderm
(1) 4”x4yrd Gauze Roll
(1) 2” Cloth Medical Tape Roll
(1) Emergency Shock Blanket
(2) 15ml Saline Eye Wash Vial
(1) Metal Emergency Whistle
(1) Black Permanent Marker
(1) Contents List
(1) Copy of the ICS 206 8-line medical plan/report


Weight: 1lb

Every vacuum seal is different but general dimensions are;

6" Width x 9" Length x 4.5" Height